Launch day

Finally it’s here, the launch day of indie ebook review site which we hope will become the place to find a good indie ebook to read.

This site offers a peer review system for professional writers to submit and review ebooks that they genuinely love – so only books that we consider good make it to the screen. No one is paid for the reviews and we are not subject to the usual mainstream ‘market’ pressures. We just review books we think are good. Obviously tastes change and there are a variety of categories/genres which we cover so we hope there is something for you, the reader, to enjoy, even though you won’t find every ebook reviewed here to your own personal taste. We hope that we will provide an alternative place to find something good to read on a regular basis.

Cally Phillips, founder and editor of the indie ebook review site says ‘I’ve found all sorts of hidden gems since embarking on this project, and I hope you too will find all kinds of books you never thought of and enjoy them as much as all of us reviewing on this site have.’ 

We focus on ebooks that have been independently (that is not mainstream) e-published, but that doesn’t mean you can’t find plenty of these books in paperback or in libraries. As well as cutting edge brand new published for the fist time as digital media works, you’ll also find the work of authors who have been publishing traditionally (and winning awards) for many years – sometimes ebook publication is a way to bring out of print books back to life and sometimes it’s just what the author wants to do.  Either way, we hope you’ll enjoy not only the ebooks reviewed here, but that you will start looking for other works by the featured writers and become more pro-active in the way that you search to find a good book. We are happy to be a starting point, but there are many, many good books out there and we hope we inspire you on your own journey of finding them.   Whether the future of books is digital or not, we aim to convince you that there is life and quality beyond the mainstream!

On this, first day, we provide you with 3 reviews of different categories. For the rest of February we’ll be offering you one review a day.  On 29th – because it’s not really a day is it? – we’ll give you another 3 to close off February and then we hope to offer you 2 or 3 new reviews a week through March.