Songs from the other side of the wall by Dan Holloway

It was by happy accident that I came across Songs…. – more accurately I suppose it vindicates my theory that these days if you aren’t a mainstream kind of person (and maybe even if you are) you can’t expect a good book to jump out and bite you – you have to hunt it down – but the rewards are there when you do make the effort.

The title instantly appealed to me and the style did not disappoint, for me it was reminiscent of Kundera and David Mitchell at their best. Holloway suggests it is Murakamiesque in style, in which case my next port of call is to get hold of some Murakami.

As soon as I read ‘at this moment I have two lives in front of me but I know the moment I choose one, the other will die.’ I knew it was the kind of book for me.

The poetic style and intelligent delivery of themes including the nature of character repay the work one puts into the reading.

I’m against the YouTubeisation of the world and particularly against the product driven media promotion bandwagon which it spawns and which books (paper or digital) are becoming subject to and in Dan Holloway I find hope for the future of e-publishing – quality is out there folks – if you are prepared to look for it. I’m looking forward to reading more of his output. Murakami is a name people have heard of. Dan Holloway perhaps not so. This is not because Holloway is derivative of Murakami because he isn’t, he has a voice all his own, but because of the way marketing works. What this novel proves is that there are good writers you might never hear of and the thing to do is to go search them out. Don’t accept the ‘recommendations’ of product driven media – finding gold is not a straightforward exercise but the results are worth it. Hopefully with indieebookreview site we will be able to assist you on your journey because the only criteria for our reviews is that we LIKE the book and think you might like it too.  No kickbacks. Just praise where praise is due.

Reviewed by Cally Phillips 

Songs from the other side of the wall is available Amazon Kindle format  and  epub format

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