That’s the site well and truly launched then. It’s been a hectic couple of weeks for me and there were days when I thought February would never end.  But here we are, in March and I’m taking the opportunity to update you on what’s to come.

The site aims for a praxis which can only be achieved by a certain amount of ‘tweaking’ of theoretical elements once they’re actually there in practice. So… expect a few alterations in some of the pages and guidelines in the coming weeks. No one is earning money out of the site and the first 10 days have proven that it could so easily become a full time job/obsession for more than one person so we have to make sure the site admin is as streamlined as possible to keep focus on the important thing – the reviews. It’s an organic process and we’ll try to keep glitches to the minimum, but the site will grow, develop and mature over the following months.

Through March we will be posting reviews on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. There will be some Short Stories as well as Romance, Contemporary Fiction, Children/Young Adult books reviewed.  We also hope to add in some comments/insights into the people and process connected with the site.

We aim to give an eclectic mix of reviews. These are chosen by the reviewers either from ebooks they’ve happened upon, or from submissions. The only books reviewed here will be books someone has loved. Of course tastes vary and as a reader it is unlikely you will enjoy all of the books reviewed here. Over time we hope you’ll get used to the different reviewer styles and build a relationship with them, finding one (or more) who have similar tastes to yours.  That way you should be able to find lots of interesting ebooks out there to read as a result of coming to our site.

Coming in March are works by authors: Avril Joy, Katherine Roberts, Andrew Meek, Julia Jones, John A.A.Logan, Barry Purchese among others, and reviews by Susan Price, Dan Holloway, Jan Needle, Chris Longmuir and the editor Cally Phillips – as well as many others.

With the Oscars just a distant memory, it’s time to offer some thanks: First to my new best friend  – this is not one book but many books. It’s now a constant companion, used for review reading as well as working on drafts of my own writing.

Also thanks to everyone who has been tweeting and blogging and sharing this site on social media networks. Please continue to do so as we want to reach as wide an audience as possible.

And most of all – thanks to you for coming to this site. We hope you will continue to enjoy it and that it will help you find lots of interesting ebooks to read.

Cally Phillips

Editor indie-ebook review site.