2 months on and counting….

We’re now two months into the Indie Ebook Review.  How do I feel? Tired. Overworked.  Strangely satisfied. Suffering from Information Overload.  The site continues to take up far more of my time than I should be allowing it and the experiment of trying to engage with the London Book Fair this week from 500 miles away severely strained my virtual capabilities.

In short it was: Twitter. Blog. Facebook. Online search. Total confusion. Steep learning curves. Information Overload.

For the day of the Digital Media Conference I was online all day flipping between twitter and blogs. My understanding of Twitter is far from secure. How to actually target what you want to know from all the pointless stuff eludes me. Tweetdeck only gives me 3x what I had in the first place.  Thought that using #notlbf might be a virtual ‘place’ for people to meet but pretty much talked to myself all day (apart from, thanks, Peter Tarnofsky!) And soon I realised I had to get into other people’s hashtag parties… so spent time on #digiconf12 and #LBF2012 but apart from getting very annoyed with what I thought was smugness on part of Ed Victor, learned little about what was actually going on. More was learned from the live blog with updates…http://www.publishingtalk.eu/conferences/london-book-fair-digital-minds-conference-live-blog/ But at the end of a very long day I just realised that you can’t keep up with things this way. Sometimes you need to BE there.


The next attempt at virtual engagement was at the ALLIA (Alliance of Independent Authors) launch on Wednesday. Trying to keep up via the twitter hashtag #ALLIA wasn’t very successful as no one was saying anything much about it. (Obviously too engaged in listening!)   I wanted to know more as I’ve been engaged in debate on FB about its purpose and relative merits against Writers Guild/ SoA and I’m still not sure ‘what’s in it for me’ for the price. I may not be the target market of course.  More information gleaned after the event can be found at these links:


On digital radio, The Naked Book presented by Philip Jones of the Bookseller http://www.litopia.com/radio/shiny-happy-publishing-people/ if you’ve got a spare hour to listening to folks chatting!


http://www.ornaross.com/2012/04/four-superb-self-publishing-authors/  for a synopsis of four of the indie authors who were at the LBF.


http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_2v8mK31OVw&feature=youtu.be  you tube promo for the Alliance of Independent Authors.  All very happy and upbeat and makes me jealous that I wasn’t there. But we can’t all attend every party now can we, and I’m just not a party animal.


The Bookseller. Two interesting articles http://www.thebookseller.com/news/kobo-reveals-big-plans.html  about Kobo self publishing


http://www.thebookseller.com/blogs/read-you.html  about the ‘history’ of ebooks.  And I’ve subscribed to the site.


http://www.futurebook.net/ And I can follow them on Facebook. Great. I was trying to escape from Facebook.


And www.thecreativepenn.com  which gives you a free Author 2.0 pdf  with some interesting information re marketing and how to make money/a living out of ebooks, when you sign up.


What I haven’t managed to do is to ‘comment’ on anything I found. Which is a shame because it’s the ‘comments’ on these media outlets which ‘drives traffic’ to this site and so should be built into any ‘marketing strategy.’ But life’s too short for marketing strategies for me at the moment. So I just suggest that any of you who enjoy this site, seek out places where you can ‘comment’ by referring to this site and then we’ll get more viewers and hopefully good writers will find paying customers. Which is a good thing.


At the end and having had a couple of days to reflect, I draw the conclusion that sometimes you just have to ‘be there’ to experience things fully. The virtual world is not (yet) a substitute for reality. But it’s getting there. At least if you miss things there are many ways of catching up if you look around.



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  1. That’s a really handy round up. I have to tell you that I went in person last year – eagerly armed with a notebook as usual – and didn’t pick up any more than the proceedings at the actuall sessions I attended. In fact felt quite lonely and almost excluded by that feeling that every one else knew everyone else. The rights flooor was terrifyng!

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