A little local difficulty…..

I wondered why all week I felt I’d been a day out. I HAD been.  I schedule for Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday and you have had reviews on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday this week. AND NO ONE POINTED THIS OUT TO ME!

So. Sorry. Your quota has been exceeded for this week. Normal service will be resumed next week.  I’m not a proponent of the blame game, or prone to look for excuses, but I will say that what with the London Book Fair followed hard upon by the Authors Electric Big Book Giveaway and the imminent FREE promotion of the ‘naked’ Brand Loyalty next week… I’ve sort of lost the plot.

But as an etermal optimist I shall turn this to all our advantages by giving you a round up of what happened to some of the books reviewed here in over the last couple of months.

KICKING OFF made it to #1 slot not only during the Free Amazon Promotion on both sides of the Atlantic but also in the UK as a PAID political thriller bestseller. Jan Needle, the author (and reviewer on this site) was away for the weekend and missed all the excitement. Prolific Jan had another 3 titles in the giveaway, 2 of which placed Top 3.

OF DOOMS AND DEATHS by Dennis Hamley made #1 slot in US in the Historical/Mystery slot.  He’s hoping this will convert into sales for both Dooms and A Pact with Death which is reviewed here next Tuesday (YES THAT WILL BE TUESDAY!) when aforementioned normal service is resumed.

LEARNING NOT TO BE FIRST: CHRISTINA ROSSETTI  by Kathleen Jones also hit the #1 slot in biography in US and #5 in UK

Only recently published, THE AMBER HEART by Catherine Czerkawska – which will be reviewed next week – also did well both sides of the Atlantic, reaching #8 in the US and the free promotion extended to more sales of her other work. http://www.wordarts.co.uk/fiction.asp

Roz Morris gave away a quarter of her MY MEMORIES OF A FUTURE LIFE which reached #12. And hopefully those who downloaded the ‘taster’ were hooked to purchase the rest of it.

MIDNIGHT BLUE by Pauline Fisk put in a strong showing peaking at #3  and two works by Susan Price whose,Ghost Drum was reviewed on this site, also made it into the Top 10 downloads.

The unpromoted, unheard of and unreviewed VOICES IN MA HEID by Cally Phillips somehow managed to make #17 (UK)and #18 (US) I’d like to know how that happened. I can’t believe there are that many people reading Scots. But I will say, its cheaper (and shorter) than Skagboys by Irvine Welsh.  I’d like to offer this opportunity to throw it open to review. I don’t feel I can run this one past the review panel at IEBR because I think it requires someone familiar with Scots dialect to review it and I’m not sure anyone on the panel will be happy to oblige on that score. so ANYONE out there who is comfortable reading Scots (and not easily shocked) might like to read it (reasonably priced now at 79p) and send in a review.

Lots of other Authors Electric authors who are NOT reviewers on this site did well and for more about that you can read my blog there tomorrow.

See. If I’d known what day of the week it was, you’d never have known all that.  There’s always a silver lining folks. Always.  So – use this extra day to have a browse through all the reviews of the ones you haven’t already bought or read.


3 thoughts on “A little local difficulty…..

  1. DID notice that a review arrived on Monday. Thought ‘how nice’ and hoped that meant you were flooded with material. Hence my suggestion that AE authors should consider writing a review a month as well as a blog piece. Balancing out the reader / writer equation …

    • Na, just not knowing what day of the week it was. I did have this vague sense of unease which now has thankfully been resolved!

  2. Thanks for the mention Cally! and, by the way, I agreed with everything you said in your email, though I didn’t add to the burden by replying just to say ‘yes’. Someone has to tell it how it is! But we’re all good problem solvers and we’ll find a way through. the group is awesome!

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