The invisible guerrilla…. by Cally Phillips

I spend a lot of my time these days ‘servicing’ this site and consequently promoting the writing of others.  I thought it only fair to get editors perks once in a while. So forgive the ruthless ‘promotion’ which follows.

I have learned many things from reading the works and studying the life (some might say too obsessively) of Ernesto Che Guevara. One of the most important things I learned is that guerrilla warfare is for the most part very boring with nothing going on, interspersed with just brief moments of excitement/fear.  This realisation certainly put me off being a guerrilla in any actual sense, but….

E-publishing at the moment feels to me very much like guerrilla warfare.  You publish your book (an attack) and you get a rush. You wait. No one buys it because no one knows you’re there (you’ve never broken cover). You do some ‘marketing’ using social media (a tactical strike) and then you give it away for free. (An ambush?)  It briefly becomes visible and you can watch the figures. See how many books you’re giving away.  (Isn’t this a bit like rushing across a clearing trying to avoid a sniper?) Then the free period is over and you either convert some of the freebies into ongoing sales, or you don’t and you go back to virtual obscurity (fade back into the bushes).

Give me a good analogy and I can play with it all day. So I’m attempting a tactical guerrilla strike with one of my novels BRAND LOYALTY. It seems most suited to this type of activity being that it deals with the personal and social consequences of a world (not unlike ours) in which commodification has become the norm.

Therefore, this is not so much a free promotion, more a revolutionary strike. And you can play your part too. Without even leaving the house. Without even spending any money! Just get your trigger finger ready and click, click, click. Job done.

The Cuban revolution was sparked off by as few as 12 committed people who spread their idea of a new social order by word of mouth across a vast and inhospitable terrain.  They endured discomfort and hardships we can only dream of. And you don’t have to. All I ask of you in this e-revolutionary strike is to tweet, facebook, goodreads, amazon like and generally promote the ass off Brand Loyalty for the next few days.  Download the free offer but most importantly READ IT and if you like it, encourage others to buy it.

After all, I’m not forcing you to buy the thing… I’m just letting you know it exists. I’m not holding a loaded gun to your head, I’m just lobbing in a quick grenade and getting the hell back to my base.  The grenade is an opportunity for you to make an informed choice and/or get something for free.  And to further the revolution companero!

Brand Loyalty is reviewed HERE and HERE and HERE to help you make an informed choice. There are also Amazon reviews and sample chapters. And did I mention it’s FREE at the moment. Is it still too risky? Come on….

You can download from HERE in the UK and HERE in the US from 8th -10th May.

You don’t even need a Kindle because you can download the free Kindle App and have it available on your pc/ipad/smartphone.  Okay, you have to put in the effort of a download and a few clicks but if you’re not up to that you can’t really call yourself a revolutionary now can you? Even an armchair revolutionary can manage this simple task can’t they? I’ve done my bit. It’s over to you now.  Download the book and sit down with a mug of revolutionary coffee.

Cuban coffee, in my opinion is the best in the world. But do you know how hard it is to import…. that’s another story. In fact, it’ll feature as part of the trilogy (in four parts) I’m publishing NEXT year. Sorry… real coffee takes longer to brew than instant and it’s the same with fiction.

I wrote this post before the big giveaway began… since when I’ve had some degree of success… reaching #1 in UK political fiction in 6 hours and #5 in US political fiction in 12 hours…. also #5 in UK literary fiction in 12 hours.  A more recent update will be HERE from 10am Wednesday morning if you’re really interested in how progress is going.


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  1. Great article, Cally. I like the comparison with a guerrilla war. It really feels like that.

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