Labels are for tins not for people

It’s Learning Disability Week this week folks. So I’m stepping out of the comfort (?) of review land  to give you the heads up on the new series of ebooks I’ve just published.

Learning Disability is an issue very close to my heart – and indeed those who know me even a bit will know that it’s not something I’m renowned for having a sense of humour about (not that I’m well renowned for a sense of humour anyway!)

Call me old fashioned but I just don’t see what’s funny about making jokes at the expense of people who can’t defend themselves/are exploited/vulnerable or generally at a disadvantage in ‘normal’ world.

Anyway, before I get on my high horse, this week gives you the opportunity FOR FREE to find out why LD is close to my heart (changed my life) and whether indeed I do have a sense of humour (the books are genre’d as ‘humorous’ at Amazon- it was the closest I could come to a genre but I’m not convinced)

Starting today, there are 5 episodes of the fictional NO LABELS DRAMA GROUP to collect. They are free from around 9am UK time give or take half an hour. So actually if you’re really clever you’ll be able to get Mondays on Tuesday and Tuesdays on Tuesday but I don’t know how you’ll get Wednesdays on Tuesday unless you pay the princely sum of 77p. If you want them for free though, here’s how:

On Monday (that’s today) go to Amazon UK   or US  It’s called NO LABELS ON MONDAY (Are you sitting comfortably?)

On Tuesday (that’s tomorrow) go there again this time Amazon UK or US  you want NO LABELS ON TUESDAY (The plays the thing)

On Wednesday (you should be getting the hang of it by now) Amazon UK or US NO LABELS ON WEDNESDAY (Politics is Rubbish)

On Thursday (falling off a log now eh?) Amazon UK or US NO LABELS ON THURSDAY (fairy cakes or cup cakes?)

On Friday (all free things must come to an end!) Amazon UK or US NO LABELS ON FRIDAY (recycled musical)

At which point you will have collected the whole set. Then all you have to do is READ THEM!  I sometimes think in this brave new world of free ebooks people have become collectors and forgotten that reading is what it’s actually all about. So go on, buck the trend. Read them. You might even find them funny. If you do TELL ME.  I think I had a sense of humour bypass some years ago and I’d like to know if it’s grown back or not.

Thanks for allowing me to step out of my editors hat for a day and I do hope you read and enjoy. I leave you with the message:

There is no such thing as challenging behaviour, only creative behaviour. CLICK HERE for more. 

No Labels Drama Group has a Facebook Page. Go like them. Spread the word.

Cally Phillips (editor)


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