We’re going live at the festival…

It will not have escaped the notice of some of our readers that Cally Phillips has been largely absent from this month’s reviews. There’s a good reason for this!

IEBR is proud to be sponsoring the very first Edinburgh EBook Festival which runs concurrently with  (but is in no way affiliated to) the Edinburgh International Book festival and Cally has been working as Festival Director to get this up and running.

If you go to the festival site you’ll see that starting on Saturday 11th August  there are around 100 ‘events’ taking place with the participation of nearly 50 writers who are actively engaged in the indie ebook world. It’s just a snapshot, just a tip of the iceberg, but it’s a place to start on your journey of discovery – which is what entering the world of indie ebook publishing is for us all.

We will be running reviews duriing the festival but they will be posted at 7pm and linked to the festival site. There will also be lots of other crossover ‘events and reviews for you to enjoy during this time.

So – this is your personal invitation to the inaugural Edinburgh Ebook Festival. It’s fun, it’s free and it’s the festival you can go to without leaving home! Three compelling reasons to join in.

Don’t miss out. Join us at the festival  And tell your friends.

(Cally Phillips – editor IEBR)