6 month anniversary

Yes I know it’s a bit adolescent to be marking monthly anniversaries but this is the last one till the big ONE YEAR. And I do think it’s worth marking. A lot has happened in the last six months. For one, we’ve posted 86 reviews on ebooks. Eighty six.  That’s eighty six books that a ‘professional’ writer has enjoyed and rated enough to recommend to others. That’s eighty six more reading experiences than would have happened if these indie ebooks didn’t exist. And that’s no mean feat. Far from struggling to find good new work that is enjoyable and/or challenging (depending on your criteria of a good book) we’ve drowned in them. And hope to continue drowning happily for the next year and beyond.  Whatever anyone tells you, there’s no shortage of good indie published writing out there. Finding it can be a task but it’s THERE!  And three times a week thanks to our dedicated team of professional writers, it’s here too.

Take this opportunity to browse through our virtual bookshelf and pick up on some reviews (and ebooks) that you might have missed. To those of you who have submitted and been told a review is ‘in progress’ please bear with us while we sort through the backlog. We’re coming to the end – just in time to set up a new open submissions Facebook Page (1st September).

I never thought when setting up the IEBR that I’d get to work with and respect a team of 10 other writers to the point where I might say I ‘know’ them (virtually) or that we’d be adding reviewers along the way.  I certainly never thought IEBR would ‘host’ the First Edinburgh eBook Festival which is currently on Day 11 of its 17 day ‘run’ – the festival that comes to you so you don’t have to go to it. Right to you pc/ipad/smartphone/Kindle or Kobo (if you have the technology it comes to you!)  And there were times, believe me, when I never thought I’d have the time to publish the work I have in this last six months – IEBR has eaten  right into my own writing time. But somehow I’ve managed to keep all the balls in the air. And I think we are beginning to work as advocates for indie writers as publishers. I hope so.

But nothing stays stationary and nothing stays the same. So when we’ve taken a deep breath from the end of the festival we’ll be straight into the AUTUMN season, once again bringing you our favourite ebook findings three times a week.

But today as a SPECIAL TRIBUTE to one of our reviewers and the man we’ve dubbed ‘the father of ebooks’ at the ebook festival, at 7pm we are posting a DENNIS HAMLEY 50 YEARS IN PUBLISHING SPECIAL FEATURE.  Make sure you don’t miss it.  It’s no mean feat to have survived (and mutated) over 50 years of publishing and he’s still going strong with 7 ebook published in the last 6 months and more ready to go.  Cheers Dennis, you are an inspiration to us all.

Cally Phillips (Editor)