Browse the Bookshelf… Children and Young Adults

Browsing the Bookshelf will help you find a lot of books you meant to read, want to read, forgot about… so take a minute to look at the  first 25 Authors and Titles in the Childrens/Young Adults bookshelf, reviewed at IEBR between February and September 2012.

Below are the author, title and short link for each book review

Sherry Ashworth:  Mental

Debbie Bennett:  Edge of Dreams

Linda M.David:   The Firestone Crystal

Pauline Fisk:  Midnight Blue

Trevor Forrest: Peggy Larkin’s War

Evie Glass:  The Discoveries of Delilah Dark

Dennis Hamley:    Colonel Mustard in the Library with the Candlestick  Of Dooms and Death,   A Pact with Death,  Hell’s Kitchen.

Julia Jones:  The Salt Stained Book, A Ravelled Flag and Ghosting Home

K.D.Lathar:  The Changeling

Robin Lovejoy:  Banshee in the Well

Nicola Morgan:   Mondays are Red

Jan Needle:  Silver and Blood, A Game of Soldiers

Linda Newberry: The Damage Done

Susan Price: The Ghost Drum

Barry Purchese: Summertime Blues

Catherine Stine: Fireseed One

Peter Tarnofsky: Timestand

C.J.Ward:  Death’s Daughter

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