Winter is upon us…

Duality is often seen as a standard in Scottish writing – sometimes rendered as the doppleganger – and in November we’re looking at duality from a number of angles!

As winter closes in we are going to be bringing you TWO new reviews a week from now on. This is not because there’s not a lot of good indie work out there, but because even with a regular review team of twelve, we just don’t have the time to write more reviews. As a peer review site all IEBR reviewers are active writers and we all need to make sure we retain the time for writing as well as reading.  But with a bookshelf of over 100 titles, you’re never going to be short of a good ebook.

We will be bringing you lots of interesting ‘extras’ though to keep you amused through the winter months. This month we will consider why we read and why we write using the context of Child Abuse. We introduce our two newest regular reviewers who both give their individual take on the same non fiction title, just to show you that each reader (and reviewer) has their own ‘take’ on things but that good work is good work nonetheless.

We’ll also be giving you a HOCKEY double header. Yes, you wait all year for a book on ice hockey (don’t you?) and then two come along at the same time. Just as well because the NHL lockout means you won’t be SEEING any hockey any time soon, so reading about it could be the next best thing. Or, if you feel more active than that, you could even consider putting on a play – performing rights are waived on Powerplay during the lockout period.

And at the end of the month we have a St Andrews Day special review and a focus on Scottish ebooks and writers from the site.

All this alongside our now regular twice weekly NEW Indie ebook  reviews. There’s plenty to keep you reading and lots of ideas for ebooks to buy as presents for Xmas for your nearest and dearest and/or those you know who will be taking the plunge and getting an ereader in their stocking.  Make sure you browse the virtual bookshelf as well as reading the new reviews.

Happy reading.

Cally Phillips, editor IEBR