Places to go, things to read… editors insight

In case you are missing a review today, here’s some links you might like to chase up! It’s as easy as One, Two Three. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry and one about Cats!

One. Laugh.

Rosalie Warren’s poetic homage to writers and Kipling! Warning. It’s funny.

Jack MacRoary’s latest blog. Humour from the Bard of DrumTumshie. Warning – to get the cultural references you have to read from the first post (that’s the blog way, upside down reading really, isn’t it) Start at the beginning (which is the bottom) and read your way up. You’ll be glad you did.

Two. Cry  If you DON’T cry at this you need to look to yourself!

Kirsty Eccles FREE story about child abuse and Charity. Not the cosy image of Pudsey and Children in Need I’m afraid. But stories that need to be told.

Three.  The one about Cats. Laugh. Cry. Better than. All in four lines of verse. Well done Seoras! (Scotland’s new Ossian)

Little boy sits at the foot of the stairs

Everything silent now, whisper who dares?

There’s blood on the carpet and fur on the mat

Christopher Robin has just killed the cat.

And if that’s not enough for you – it is Short Story Week this week (I know, who knows these things and how do we ever find out? ) So I feel it incumbant on me to point you in the direction of some short stories:

I’ve a double header of short stories up on McStorytellers (which is a seething hotbed of the widest range of Scottish generated short stories you’re ever likely to find)

Terrorists Need to Plan  and  Saddam Insane. which show that Nothing is what it Seems.

There will be more short stories listed on my own site today

And if you’re up for a more interactive experience you can add your comment to the discussion Does Crime Thrill you? 

Enjoy! Back with another review tomorrow.

Cally Phillips, Editor IEBR