Hockey Double Header…

Hockey Double Header

This week we have not one but TWO ebooks reviewed in which Ice Hockey features centrally. One is a novel and one is a play. While hockey and passion clearly go side by side, you might imagine that the ebooks have been written by men of a North American persuasion, but both are written by Scottish women. So put aside your expectations and forget the stereotypes, and prepare to see passion and hockey in a completely different light. In Catherine Czerkawska’s novel Ice Dancing, the hockey is a backdrop to a very powerful illicit love relationship and in Cally Phillips play Powerplay love and relationships themselves are dramatically explored through the analogy of ‘the rules of the game’. You don’t have to be a fan of hockey to appreciate either of these books but you might well become a hockey fan after reading them!

To get you in the mood for the thrills, spills and excitement that is HOCKEY here’s video clip of some hockey action! You might take this as your 101 Introduction to hockey if you’re not a convert. And if you are – Hold onto your seats for some great videos – and don’t forget to come back tomorrow and READ ALL ABOUT IT.

There are heroes

Loads of heroes

So many heroes

And there is THE GREAT ONE He’s called WAYNE GRETSKY.

And the heroes are also the villains

Because in hockey fighting is part of the game.


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  1. Joe Sakic? Fighting? Never seen that one before. AND he won. I used to love Joe Sakic so much. Still do, if I’m honest. I loved his hockey hair. (And his skills as a player, obviously!)

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