Reading Hour



This week has seen the first dedicated BOOK WEEK SCOTLAND with loads of events encouraging reading. And today at 11am  (St Andrews Day!) people are being encouraged to take part in READING HOUR


The Book Trust says “At 11 a.m. on St Andrew’s Day (Friday 30 November 2012) thousands of people across Scotland will stop what they’re doing and read. The Reading Hour will happen anywhere and everywhere and you can easily be a part of it. Whether you’re on a train, bus or ferry; in a library, at work or at school, or simply at home in your favourite chair; all you need to do is sit down with a good book.

At IEBR we will be supporting this initiative with a special post going up at 10.30 comprising a list of Scottish authors we’ve  reviewed thus far.

So what do you do?  Look at the list, read reviews and/or get hold of something that looks interesting to read.  Because remember a book isn’t just a physical object any more. You can read ebooks on smartphones, pcs, macs, ipads, tablets, ereaders… a whole range of technology is now your tool to aid access to great reading material where-ever you are.  (Some people even read in the bath with ereaders – I wouldn’t recommend it!)

So why not grab yourself a coffee and use Reading Hour to see what Scottish indie writers have been up to. There’s something for everyone from short stories to drama all available at the click of a button.

And we aren’t exclusive – you can check out our virtual bookshelves for works by non Scots – we have over 150 titles on our bookshelves and all of them for less than a fiver.

But whatever you do, today, St Andrews Day, read something!  Preferably something Scottish. (And I’d recommend having haggis for dinner as well. You know you want to.)

Because reading isn’t just for books – it’s an online experience too