St Andrews Day Special…

To celebrate St Andrews Day and all things Scottish I’ve compiled a list of Scottish indie writers we’ve reviewed this year.  You can click on the TITLE (in blue)  and it will (hopefully) take you to the correct review on the virtual bookshelf.

Our categorisation is of necessity loose because let’s face it, lots of writing doesn’t fit into one genre nice and neatly – you probably wouldn’t be here if you were looking for work that did! However, one has to put things somewhere, so we’ve tried to put the ebooks under recognisable categories so that as a reader you stand best chance of finding what you like to read.  So why don’t you splash out this St Andrews Day, buy an ebook by a Scottish indie writer and give your e-reader a Scottish treat. 

 Contemporary Fiction bookshelf 

 A Week with No Labels      Alternative Dimension              Brand Loyalty   


Cally Phillips                         Bill Kirton                           Cally Phillips

Survival of Thomas Ford             The Threads of Time 

                   John A.A. Logan                          Cally Phillips 

  Crime/Thriller bookshelf 


Chris Longmuir 

Drama Bookshelf 

Bond is Back           Chasing Waves 


Both by Cally Phillips

Historical and/or Romance Bookshelf 

The Amber Heart      Bird of Passage     The Curiosity Cabinet    Ice Dancing 


all by Catherine Czerkawska

Dangerous Deceit           A Salt Splashed Cradle            No More Mulberries 


Romy Gemmell                 Chris Longmuir                          Mary Smith

Non Fiction/Biog Bookshelf

The Bookie’s Runner 

Brendan Gisby

Short Story Collection Bookshelf 

The McStorytellers Collection       The Hitchhiker              Obsession and other stories


Various authors                           Brendan Gisby                         Chris Longmuir

Ordinary Domestic                   Voices in Ma Heid                          It Wisnae Me 


Carol McKay                               Cally Phillips                                  Cally Phillips

The Next Stop is Croy and other…

Alastair McCallum Crawford

That’s your lot for today. Don’t forget – there are plenty of ‘non Scottish’ writers on our virtual bookshelves as well.  Have a good browse and find yourself something great to read. We’ve reviewed nearly 150 titles so far – there must be SOMETHING that you want to read amongst those – hopefully plenty!  And in ‘indie’ world, the way it works is – if you find something you love reading TELL YOUR FRIENDS. We rely on YOU spreading the word – give the world a good virus for once!!  Happy St Andrews Day.