Fast Movin’ Train by Pam Howes

Middle-aged Mandy is running a successful interior design business. Her husband works hard and her daughters have their own lives to lead. But something is missing – there’s no spark in her marriage and she’s bored and restless.  With a silver anniversary coming up that she doesn’t really want to celebrate, Mandy knows that something will have to change… And it does, when an old family friend lets slip that he’s in love with her.

I’ve read several other books by Pam Howes, so picked this up knowing exactly what I was getting. I wasn’t disappointed.  There’s no Darcy in this book – no bronzed Adonis waiting in the wings to sweep our Mandy off her feet and make her realise what she’s been missing. Just Rod, the man she turned down as a teenager, who still hasn’t really grown up despite his own marriage and children, and spends as much of his life as he can on the road as a professional  singer with a band. And yet middle-aged sex sizzles, as Mandy and Rob embark on an affair that can only bring heartache to everyone involved.

This isn’t chick-lit – for a start the characters are older with established lives, but it’s also deeper than chick-lit and has the knack of making you re-evaluate your own life in the context of Mandy’s turmoil. Brief snatched moments of pleasure become days and then weekends; small lies become big lies as lives are falling apart around her. And when the emotional fallout crosses several generations, when friends and loved ones are battling illness, is it selfish to want what’s best for yourself?

Thoroughly recommended. A romance with depth and passion, but one that also makes you think.

Reviewed by Debbie Bennett

Available in Kindle format

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