Cally Phillips


Published on Kindle on 7th January 2012 this great wee gem of a novella is also the inaugural review for a new review collective, called Reading Between the Lines. (More about the collective after the review!) 

briefBrief Encounter by Mark Frankland

Mark Frankland and his writing came into my orbit over ten years ago now with his novel The Cull (2001) set against the Foot and Mouth crisis in South West Scotland. I was writing a play on the same subject (Men in White Suits)– but from a totally different angle than Mark’s novel. What was to become his trademark of dark, uncompromising but compelling storytelling; which takes no prisoners and in an accessible way introduces the reader to life beneath the ‘aspirational’ curve of polite middle class life; immediately appealed to me, even though I’m not a ‘thriller’ reader.  Frankland’s work is not what I’d call…

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