Editorial responsibilities may be thrown off, but you can’t stop me reviewing it seems!

Cally Phillips

I seem to have gone review crazy this month – well, I’ve had some time to read during the great water/snow/gale crisis so I’ve been unable to do much writing and this is the result.  Also, to show that with the demise/evolution of IEBR there is still life in the old reviewer yet.  Things will settle down to a more regular pattern in February but with a group of other avid writer/readers you can guarantee that you won’t get withdrawal symptoms when IEBR closes its doors on 21st Feb.  

Today, hot off the press is a review I wrote in anticipation of the publication of Mark Frankland’s latest offering:  

King Kenny’s Revolution. 

kennyYou say you want a revolution? Mark Frankland’s latest football story set in Liverpool may be just what you’ve been looking for.

I’ve read most of Mark’s football stories/novellas/novels (the man does have a passion for…

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