How do you Voodoo? by Janice Horton

Voodoo-Cover-Sm-jpegThis is quite a short book – 70 pages – and I started reading it because I needed something short to read and, although I don’t really read much romance, the title intrigued me.

Nola, a high-powered, glamorous model, with an inflated opinion of herself, came off the page as particularly unlikeable. Not a good start for a romantic story. She is on her way from the Caribbean to London for an important photo shoot, when she falls foul of a Haitian woman who puts a curse on her. From then on, things start to happen to Nola, which causes her to lose her looks. Her skin changes from a healthy tan to a greyish colour, with a healthy, or should I say an unhealthy, eruption of pimples. Her blonde hair turns mousy brown, and she loses two of her front teeth. Doctors indicate she is suffering from a virus, but Nola is convinced she is cursed.

She seeks out the Haitian woman’s son, Louis, in an attempt to reverse the curse, and from then on things get very interesting. There is a trip to Glasgow, a creepy cemetery visit, a reunion with her mother, and a growing attraction to Louis.

I must admit I had mixed feelings when Nola suffered her loss of looks. I swung between feeling sorry for her, and feeling she deserved all she got. The scene in the NecropolisCemetery was full of the kind of suspense you would expect in a Stephen King book, and I feared for her, expecting the worst. If I had been writing the story, this would have been the lead-in to some nasty happenings. However, this is a romance, therefore blood and gore cannot be part of the menu. The suspense did continue though, but now it was romantic suspense, and it had a different feel.

By the end of the story, Nola had become a very different, and much more likeable person, and I was rooting for her to succeed in capturing her man, if not her career.

I must say, I enjoyed this story much more than I expected to, and consider it an enjoyable read.

Reviewed by Chris Longmuir

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