How it works

The ‘Indie’ e-book review site is the place to find e-books worth reading.

We have a team of specialist reviewers (all of them contemporary writers) who read submissions regularly to find interesting, unusual and challenging  e-books across a range of areas so that you can be informed before you buy.

Peer-group review is well established in academic circles, where it is acknowledged that an objective view of others work can be achieved. Our reviewers know how to look for what is ‘good’ in a book and aim to share their opinions with you. We know that our site will stand or fall on the quality of the reviews and we carefully choose reviewers, matching them with suitable e-book submissions across a range of type and genre. We cover fiction, non-fiction, poetry and drama.

Our reviews are all positive, because we weed out the negative. We want to make it easier for people to find great reads out there.

Our reviewers are not paid for their work and they are not like the conventional literary magazine critics. Their critical faculties are unhindered by financial imperative and there is no advertising revenue driving our review process, just the belief that the works we promote are really worth reading.  You should always ‘try before you buy’ with ebooks of course and we recommend you read the ‘samples’ of e-books before committing yourself to purchase.

We want indie e-book publishing to flourish. We do not want quality writing to sink in the mire of a mass of poorly written, bad quality writing. We do not want the emerging mainstream dominance of large corporations to dictate what you can find out about reading.

The e-books we review are available on the distribution networks of the major ebook retailers, but they are not always the ones in the ‘best sellers’ list, because these listings rely more on the traditional marketing model which is interested in money rather than creative quality.  So we hope that over the months and years to come you begin to rely on the indie e-book review as a place where you can come, browse, and find the kind of books you really want to read but might otherwise never hear of.  It’s what we want for ourselves and we’re happy to share that with you.

People do not share the same tastes after all, but we aim to give you enough information to make informed choices of your own, saving you time and money from disappointing downloads where the content of the e-book does not live up to the writers own hype.