Formats and Pricing

Unless you’ve been under a stone for the last year you will have heard of Amazon KINDLE.

Some people are under the mis-apprehension that Kindle is the only e-reader available (or the cheapest) This isn’t always the case. On our site we list ebooks that are in Kindle format (these can only be read on a Kindle) and epub format which can be read on a wide variety of other readers, such as Kobo, Ipad, Nook, Sony.  To add to the confusion, you can download free Kindle readers for a variety of smart phones and pcs, as indeed you can for some of the other epub formats.

Please note that on this site we give links to Amazon UK – this is because we are a UK based site… however all texts available in UK are also available from Amazon US.

Below are some links to ereader download sites

To Download Kindle for your pc, tablet, or mobile device click here 

To download Adobe Digital Editions (will read epub formats) click here 

To download Kobo desktop (for pc, also available download for other mobile devices) click here

To download Nook (for pc, also other mobile devices) click here

For Apple/Mac you can download some of these free ones or use dedicated Apple product (sorry, don’t know anything much about Apple ereaders at the moment can’t afford an ipad!)

Once you have your ereader of choice (unless you are an Amazon customer in which case you have NO choice) you have choices of where you buy your ebooks.  Below is a list of some eretailers in the UK.  Prices vary so we suggest you shop around to find the cheapest price. There are often special deals on ebooks and so we can’t list prices on this site because there are so many places and such frequent price changes that it’s not feasible.

Main e-retailers

Amazon Kindle ( in UK and .com in USA)

W.H.Smith (for Kobo and other ereaders – epub format) Kobo in US


Book Despository



(this list will be added to as and when we come across other eretailers so if you know of a good one that’s not listed please email us at